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Sam Raimi Exploding Superheroes’ Heads in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is Good, Actually

The MCU has always been about death as an abstract form of entertainment, but Multiverse of Madness gets darkly, and thrillingly, literal.
this much i know to be true

Lessons From Filming Nick Cave’s Journey Through Grief

“The constant concern was just, is it grief porn? Is it exploitative? Where’s the line?”
  1. rip
    Fred Ward, The Right Stuff and Tremors Actor, Dead at 79“When it came to battling underground worms, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” wrote Kevin Bacon.
  2. movie review
    Jerrod Carmichael Has Already Outgrown On the Count of ThreeHis feature directorial debut is a dark comedy about suicide that works more than it doesn’t, but still feels like a blip in a career that’s moved on.
  3. the pg-13 multiverse
    Sam Raimi Exploding Superheroes’ Heads in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is Good, ActuallyThe MCU has always been about death as an abstract form of entertainment, but Multiverse of Madness gets darkly, and thrillingly, literal.
  4. movie review
    Pleasure Can’t Get Out of Its Own HeadNinja Thyberg’s feature debut offers a judgment-free journey through the adult-film industry but never really gets going as a character study.
  5. movie review
    The Lifeless New Firestarter Will Leave You ColdThey took a Stephen King novel and turned it into a hostage video starring Zac Efron.
  6. now streaming
    The 25 Best Hidden Gems on HBO MaxEl Planeta, Weathering with You, Stranger Than Paradise, and more.
  7. 2une
    Christopher Walken Will Return to His Home Planet to Film Dune: Part TwoMaking a cameo as himself, the Emperor of the Known Universe.
  8. vulture lists
    23 Unsettlingly Nice Tom Cruise StoriesDid you know he sends Dakota Fanning a birthday present every year?
  9. scream queens
    Hayden Panettiere Is Going to Scream and Scream AgainKirby Reed lives! (For now.)
  10. coming soon
    Paul Feig, Blake Lively, and Anna Kendrick Are Reuniting for Even Simpler FavorMore suits, more gin martinis!
  11. sex pests
    Is Kevin Spacey Making a Movie in Hungary Because He Thought We Wouldn’t Notice?It’s about Genghis Khan(’s grandson).
  12. this much i know to be true
    Lessons From Filming Nick Cave’s Journey Through Grief“The constant concern was just, is it grief porn? Is it exploitative? Where’s the line?”
  13. trailer mix
    The Father of the Bride Remake Trailer Has No Good Car IdeasSo, duh, it casts Ruben Rabasa.
  14. i’m blue da ba dee da ba di
    Avatar: The Way of Water Teaser Is Bringing Seapunk Back, BabyIt’s actually cerulean.
  15. show-stopping spectacular
    Lady Gaga and Doja Cat Ham It Up for Summer BlockbustersChoose your fighter: Gaga’s Top Gun power ballad or Doja’s Elvis flip.
  16. easter eggs
    20 of the Strangest Cameos and Easter Eggs in Multiverse of MadnessAn exhaustive list of cameos and references to guide you through the madness.
  17. explainer
    Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness Mid-Credits Meet-Cute, ExplainedWho was that?
  18. vulture lists
    10 Great Yakuza Movies to Stream Right NowIn case Tokyo Vice left you wanting more.
  19. coming soon
    David Cronenberg’s Got Some New Flesh in Crimes of the Future“Surgery is the new sex.”
  20. *stares directly into camera*
    The Biggest Cameo in Doctor Strange 2 Is a Bit of a StretchWell, that unraveled quickly.
  21. into the cameo-verse
    Doctor Strange Cameo Watch: Who Will and Won’t Be in Multiverse of Madness?Our best attempt at deciphering the odds and plausibility of the wildest rumored cameos.
  22. obits
    TNT and TBS Will No Longer Broadcast the SAG AwardsRIP SAG on TNT.
  23. movie review
    There Is Hell, and Then There Is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessFaced with infinite plot possibilities, Marvel couldn’t come up with a less sexist Wanda story line?
  24. vulture recommends
    A Simple Plan Is Sam Raimi at His Most RestrainedAnd maybe his best.
  25. trailer mix
    Daniel Radcliffe Dresses Accordiongly for the ‘Weird Al’ Biopic TrailerAlso starring Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna.
  26. pirates 6
    Johnny Depp’s $22.5 Million Debate Over Pirates of the Caribbean 6Meanwhile, Depp rested his case.
  27. coming soon
    Tanya Reynolds Joins Grown-Up Cast of Harold and the Purple CrayonSony’s live-action adaptation of the beloved children’s book has cast a lot of adults so far.
  28. night at the museum
    Mannequins Haunt the 2022 Met Costume Institute ExhibitStaged by Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Regina King, and six other poor souls.
  29. infinite avatar
    All of the Avatar Sequel Announcements: A TimelineThe first Avatar sequel has a name, it has a release date, and it has a way with water.
  30. family matters
    Fast X Has a New Director/DaddyLouis Leterrier is in after Justin Lin exited a week into shooting.
  31. production halt
    Bill Murray ‘Trying to Make Peace’ on Being Mortal Film SetHe calls the experience “quite an education” for him.
  32. vulture asks
    Who Is the Greatest Character to Come Out of a Sequel?Here are 26 possible answers to that question.
  33. q&a
    Hatching Director Hanna Bergholm on the Horror of Birds and Motherhood“I’ve always been afraid of horror films. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in telling stories about fear.”
  34. let’s do it again
    Hollywood Can’t Leave Romancing the Stone AloneThe deceptively effortless-seeming Kathleen Turner–Michael Douglas romantic adventure never spawned a franchise, but not for any lack of trying.
  35. movie review
    In Memory, Liam Neeson Gets to Act More Than UsualMartin Campbell’s hitman-with-dementia film offers visceral violence and surprising anguish.
  36. movie review
    Gaspar Noé’s Vortex Is His Most Human Film. And His Cruelest.Every second of this brutal, beautiful film seethes with emotion of an intensely personal kind.
  37. cinemacon
    Top Gun: Maverick Is Making Grown Men Cry at CinemaConMany in the audience at CinemaCon found themselves surprisingly emotional at the continuing adventures of moviedom’s most iconic aviator.
  38. waffle party
    What to Watch While You Wait for Severance Season 2Work-life balance? Never heard of her.
  39. role call
    William Sadler Answers Every Question We Have About Bill & Ted’s Bogus JourneyThe veteran character actor on the origin of Death’s Czech accent, creating some of the character’s most famous lines, and bonding with George Carlin.
  40. chimpman-a to chimpman-z
    Have You Seen Alan Cumming’s Missing Co-Star?He’s about yea high, was a child actor in the ’90s, and is a chimpanzee.
  41. so i married an axe murderer
    Mike Myers Is a Secret Society’s Worth of Characters in The Pentaverate TrailerIt will be a very deep cut for So I Married an Axe Murderer fans.
  42. let’s do it again
    Rewriting the Behind-the-Scenes Story of Iron Man 2The sequel was made before the MCU streamlined its operations, when ad-libbing, “writing gyrations,” and Elon Musk cameos were okay.
  43. cinemacon
    Jordan Peele Hopes to Scare You Into Saying Nope Out Loud“I’m going to personally thrive on the number of times we hear the word ‘nope’ in the theater.”
  44. explainer
    That Bloody, Head-bashing Game in The Northman Is Based on a Real Viking SportTwo Viking experts explain the ins and outs of the violent Viking-era sport known as knattleikr.
  45. you got served
    Why Was Olivia Wilde Served an Envelope at CinemaCon?An envelope, a presentation, a mystery to be solved.
  46. normal people
    Andrew Garfield Wants to Be a NormieThe Under the Banner of Heaven actor wants a break to be “ordinary.”
  47. pop quiz
    Which Movie News Is Just Stuff We Made Up?There are so many John Wicks and Spider-Verses. Can you tell the real from the fake?
  48. let’s do it again
    Praise Eywa, James Cameron Finally Debuted Footage from Avatar: The Way of WaterThe first glimpse at our return to Pandora played to cheers and applause from a mesmerized CinemaCon audience.
  49. hair flair
    Which Alexander Skarsgård Hairdo from The Northman Is Right for You?Charting Amleth’s character arc through the vengeful prince’s pageboy, bowl cut, and ‘90s boy-band bob.
  50. let’s do it again
    Lion King 1 1/2 Makes Sense If You Were Raised on Home VideoThe team behind the straight-to-DVD movie banged on the wall between Disney feature animation and Disneytoon Studios until a perfect sequel fell out.
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