The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Let the Games Begin

Playing games with the RHOA cast more often than not ends in orchestrated chaos.

Gaslit Recap: Hot Tub Backroom-Deal Machine

It’s pretty clear that Dean does not like himself right now. Nor should he!

Saturday Night Live Recap: Selena Gomez Is Looking for Love

Selena Gomez makes her SNL hosting debut in an episode that has more misses than hits.
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    Conversations With Friends Recap: Kiss and TellBobbi is too self-absorbed to realize Frances has a crush of her own.
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    Conversations With Friends Series-Premiere Recap: Just Being PoliteWe’re back to the Sally Rooney Cinematic Universe, this time investigating the inner lives of four friends/lovers.
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    Hacks Recap: Helen MirrenChekhov’s email reveals Ava needs to grow more than Deborah does.
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    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Son of a BeachA perfectly timed family challenge finally brings out a little personality in our competitors.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Half-BakedThis grab bag of story lines feels like Grey’s treading water ahead of some big emotional payoff in the season finale.
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    Atlanta Recap: Autobiography of an Ex-Ex-Colored ManThis week on Atlanta, in an episode shot entirely in black-and-white, the figure of the white-passing Black protagonist appears once more.
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    Hacks Season-Premiere Recap: Good-bye, Las VegasAs Deborah plans to leave Vegas behind to reinvent herself on the road, Ava fears The Email will come back to ruin everything.
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    Girls5eva Recap: Boxy LadySummer is still reeling from her divorce and looking for any guidance she can get.
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    The Flight Attendant Recap: Mommy IssuesCassie’s messy personal life makes for a more compelling plotline than the espionage antics, especially when Sharon Stone is involved.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Out of AlignmentPyre is reaching his breaking point as he gets closer to the truth about the Lafferty brother’s turn toward fundamentalist Mormonism.
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    The Kardashians Recap: Birthday KendallsThough the Pete Davidson era has begun, his name, much like Voldemort’s, is never mentioned.
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    Survivor Recap: Life’s a GambleHopefully this is the last we ever see of these twists.
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    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season-Premiere Recap: Stealing the ShowHearing Dorit describe one of the intruders repeatedly saying, “Just kill her already,” is harrowing.
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    This Is Us Recap: The Pearson ProcessThe Pearsons can’t make a decision without an abundance of feelings and speeches.
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    The Wilds Season-Finale Recap: Your Own Personal JesusThe season finale provides few answers, but the prospect of a merged beach next season is pretty exciting.
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    The Wilds Recap: Madness Loves Company“The mind can give you what you need.”
  17. overnights
    The Wilds Recap: Candles and Crack-upsIn which more kids break down and exile each other. Plus, a Ben Folds cameo that blows our minds.
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    Better Call Saul Recap: No Easy MarksAn all-craft episode sets the table for more moves, countermoves, and surprising contingencies of worthy adversaries.
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    We Own This City Recap: This Is BaltimoreBaltimore’s most violent, corrupt cops get the nightmarish police version of failing their way to the top.
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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Grab the Grape JuiceThe Parsifal III scores a sweet new deckhand who is a total pro with incredible team-player energy.
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    The Wilds Recap: Welcome to the Black ParadeOne mole is exposed while another returns.
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    90 Day Fiancé Recap: Reunions, Arguments, and Boston AccentsWe finally meet Patrick and Thais.
  23. overnights
    Barry Recap: Whatever You Think I DidFinding forgiveness in Hollywood might be harder for Barry than booking a role on Laws of Humanity.
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    Winning Time Season-Finale Recap: Haywood’s GunWinning Time can only stretch reality so far and limps throughout its finale.
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    Gaslit Recap: The Hunt for Howard’s Safe of Evidence“What if these guys aren’t five steps ahead of us? What if they’re morons?”
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    The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: A Master Class in GaslightingIf Shereé and Kenya are going to be friends, I’m happy to get Kenya versus Marlo early in the season.
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    The Wilds Recap: Excalibur Died for UsSeth finally falls from grace in a dark and dramatic fashion.
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    Saturday Night Live Recap: Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Funny SonBenedict Cumberbatch enters another successful hosting stint, but it’s Cecily Strong who dominates the Mother’s Day episode.
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    The Wilds Recap: Idle Hands, Devil’s WorkThe girls get fresh while the boys battle a big cat.
  30. overnights
    The Wilds Recap: Bracelets and BordersLet’s hope the boys smarten up soon and start asking themselves crucial questions like who ‘abandons’ a shelter full of food?
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    The Wilds Season-Premiere Recap: Meet the BoysThe Wilds is back, and don’t worry, everything’s still awful.
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    Girls5eva Recap: You Can’t Hurry LoveThe group members go after the juicy music-video moment they need to win back fans.
  33. overnights
    Girls5eva Recap: All the Women, IndependentGirls5eva continue their liberation tour by confronting their insecurities together.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: That’s Burnout, BabyEverybody at Dumpster Fire Memorial Hospital is acting a fool and Addison needed to tell them!
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    Atlanta Recap: CakewalkAl goes on a trip and gets real with himself with the help of a new friend.
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    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Interstellar InspirationWe’ve gone so many episodes without a single “Houston, we have a problem” joke, but tonight’s the night with an inspiring NASA challenge.
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    Girls5eva Season-Premiere Recap: You Gotta Get With My FriendsThe one-hit wonders aren’t going to blow their second chance, so it’s time to eliminate distractions.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Blood AtonementPyre is having his own crisis of faith.
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    The Kardashians Recap: Indecent ProposalThe idea that Kourtney’s sisters ever gave her any flack for not showing enough on camera is laughable at this point.
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    The Flight Attendant Recap: Easy Does ItCassie slides back into her old coping mechanism like she’s shrugging on one of her perfectly tailored coats.
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    Julia Season-Finale Recap: The Joy of JuliaJulia and The French Chef both have a lot to get to in season two, but first, Julia has to go to France and hang out with Isabella Rossellini.
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    Survivor Recap: The Puppet MasterConverging strategies and a ruthless behind-the-scenes scheme provide a more traditional Survivor episode.
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    Moon Knight Finale Recap: Laters GatorsThe finale leaves the future of Moon Knight uncertain, and that’s pretty cool for a Marvel series.
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    This Is Us Recap: Until Death Do Us PartPlease, forgive us for taking a while to warm up to you, Miguel!
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    Summer House Season-Finale Recap: Wedding SmellsKyle and Amanda’s wedding is an inevitable culmination and a bit of a letdown all at once.
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    Better Call Saul Recap: Best Things in LifeHow long can Jimmy and Kim’s personal relationship survive their professional departure?
  47. overnights
    We Own This City Recap: This Is BaltimoreJenkins’s earliest days on the force reveal nothing particularly special about him: He represents the police. He’s not an anomaly.
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    90 Day Fiancé Recap: Ari Finally Gets What She DeservesWish’s moment is, frankly, the most beautiful and cathartic moment in 90 Day history.
  49. overnights
    Barry Recap: Do You Love Me?Barry’s uncontrollable rage and desire to be loved continue to intertwine in disturbing ways.
  50. overnights
    Outlander Season-Finale Recap: A Litany of Near-Death ExperiencesThere is no way that Jamie is going to let Claire down, right? Right???
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